Sunday, May 6, 2012

BLDGtyp is Heading West

Well - its all set. As of May 20th BLDGtyp will be decamping from Southern Brooklyn to northern Wisconsin as we build a new cabin on the shores of one of Wisconsin's beautiful little lakes. The team has spent the last couple months in our Red Hook office working on the design, and we're finally ready to move into the construction phase.

This home is a sort of 'second draft' of many of the details and ideas we worked on as the Construction Managers for the Parsons-Stevens 2011 Solar Decathlon home. The cabin will be a super-insulated, air-sealed, mechanically ventilated and ultra-energy-efficient structure. While not a true 'Passive House', it will include many of the common Passive House strategies in its construction. BLDGtyp also utilized many parts of the the Passive House energy modeling package to evaluate design alternatives during the design phase.

We're very excited about this project and we'll do our best to publish as much content as possible, both on the BLDGtyp website and this blog. I'll be posting lots more about our construction techniques and energy-efficiency strategies as we move through the building process.

So check in here regularly. Lots more to come soon!