Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Wisconsin "Almost Passive House" One Year On...

South side of the cabin - seen from the woods

John and just got back to New York from a week out at the Wisconsin Cabin and it was AMAZING to see the house again. It weathered its first Wisconsin winter great (not that I ever doubted!) and looks terrific. We were able to button up the last few items that we didn't get to last season - finishing the deck, doing some painting and last bit of trim, commissioning the HRV, etc... - and it was fun to spend a few days road-testing the space.

South deck all finished up

The nice big deck has already seen some serious grill-testing and passed with flying colors. In addition, we were able to get some nice photos of the finished cabin - I'll post some of the interior as well once we have a chance to go through them but I thought I'd put up some shots of the exterior. We're trying to get better at our project photography - something incredibly important that often goes neglected as we rush to finish projects and button things up. the great folks over at Build Blog have written several good posts on the importance of architectural photos which we highly recommend. We're not by a long stretch great photographers, but we're certainly getting better. 

Interestingly, I've found our work on 'fake' architectural visualizations (Renderings) has been very helpful to our photography technique as all the same composition, lighting and story-telling rules apply to both mediums. 

At any rate, it was great fun to see the project again and a nice week to strap the tool-belt on for a little white. Enjoy the photos and I'll post the interiors soon.

South deck built-in benches with the lake in the background

Entry elevation - North side