Sunday, September 2, 2012

White Pine Siding Going Up

white pine to concrete bloc foundation

I've spent the last little bit finally putting up the white-pine siding on the exterior of the house. I've gotten almost all of the low parts done and hopefully will be getting the gable ends done soon. I think its looking pretty good - the stain will change color a lot as the sun bleaches it out of course, but I like the dark brown and the rustic texture quite a lot. 

north face

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the siding is applied on top of battens, leaving an air-space behind it. This allows air to flow around all 6 sides, making sure we don't get any captured wetness and rotting and prolonging the life of the siding significantly. 

Below you can see the north west side with the siding up on the right and battens showing on the left. 

Siding over vertical and horizontal battens.

The exterior window trim is super clean and without any fussy bits or extra pieces, just deep extension jambs, and the siding cut tight to fit. Takes a bit more time, but is a nice clean detail which juxtaposes interestingly against the textured siding. This combination of contemporary details with traditional materials was one of our core concepts early on and its great to see it finally getting played out in the finishes on site. 

Ext window detail, 2x8 jambs and vertical siding

North side, battened and ready for siding
All in all - its going up pretty quickly and easily. There are some funny spots (like at the entry and south  overhangs), but mostly its smooth sailing so far. 

Inside, things are progressing nicely as well, the windows are all all air-sealed and the gang has even started to lay up some of the interior pine paneling! Can't wait to see it all start to get sealed up. I'll make sure to post more interior shots soon I promise.

windows, nicely and taped and all air-sealed
Loft looking north, pine paneling starting to go up!