Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Interior Trim and Woodwork

Window trim and interior wood

I'm terribly sorry for the big delay between posts. Time is getting short here so we've been pushing hard to finish everything up. The last few weeks have seen some big changes to the house. All the interior finish is going up, the bathroom and kitchen are getting paint and cabinetry, and the trim is going in all around. Very exciting!

The pine interior paneling is almost all up. I just have the south end to finish up over the next couple days, then lots of sanding and finishing all around. All the pine is laid up tight, without any trim or extra layers. It adds a lot of character and light to the interior and I'm very happy with it all around. 

kitchen and loft above

In the living room - looking back at the kitchen

Sleeping loft - there will be a half-height divider to make a 'bedroom' area to the left

In addition - almost all the window trim is in a finished. We added 1x8 Douglas Fir extension jambs to the windows (Doug-Fir frames) to cap the super-thick wall. The interior paneling dies into it at a small reveal. This detail is certainly challenging - everything has to be pretty much perfect all around to make it work, so it has certainly taken to time to get just right. 

Window in the bedroom hallway. 
Douglas Fir for window trim
Now that all the insulation is finished (a big success btw!) - John has been working on getting the Doug -Fir flooring installed. Before the finished floor goes down we have to seal all the subfloor seams as this is the last bit of our air-barrier. Below you can see the tape going down just before the floor.  Should be another week or so of interior work and we'll be just about all wrapped up with the major woodwork.

Bedroom subfloor being taped. This is our air-barrier on the floor under the wood flooring.
Doug-Fir flooring. Looks real darn nice.

looking back towards the kitchen and island - loft up above