Sunday, October 7, 2012

Somedays Construction is a Lot of Fun . . .

 . . . and somedays you are putting up siding outside in the snow.


Its been a pretty rough week: from digging holes for deck footings, to hauling concrete in 10 gallon buckets, to dealing with all the site garbage, shoveling dirt, then sanding 10,000LF of interior wood (including ceilings up over head) and staining said 10,000LF of interior wood (anyone who know me knows I HATE painting and staining), its pretty much been one bummer of a job after another. All, of course, capped off by this weekend of hanging siding on the garage in the snow on a day when the temperature barely got out of the 30s. Oh well - house building can't be all puppy-dogs ands rainbows after all. 

BUT things are really coming along. Only another week or so to go. We're outside this weekend because the last coat of Poly is drying on the new floors. The site work is all done, the decks and steps are all in, the floors and walls / ceilings are done and looking great. This week is tile, finish the kitchen cabinetry and add railings / handrails. Then punchlist and hopefully by next monday we're packing up to head back to brooklyn! Exciting. 

South Side deck. The hole is for a metal grate. Cuts down on leaks from snow buildup.

Mostly though its actually been incredibly beautiful here. Full fall fun. But right now I need to get to work, so I'll just leave you with some photos and a promise I'll add more soon. 

South side from the road. 
After site work, brought up the soil 14" all the way around. Looks much better now.

And all the lights are done inside.