Friday, October 26, 2012

All Buttoned Up

North side on our last day in Wisconsin

Well we're all finished up for the season on our Wisconsin house. We had a blast spending the summer out here building and we're very happy with how everything has come out. There is still a small list of punchlist items and some exterior bits that will have to wait until the warm weather comes back in the spring. But the house is ready for some furniture and some big holiday meals!

East side with the bend.
The Kitchen finishes popped out of nowhere in the last couple days with the walnut doors going on, the countertops sealed and waxed and all the finish tile being set. I think it does just what we wanted by providing a central congregation space that still provides enough room to actually . . . you know . . . cook. The only thing missing from this main space is the stone around the fireplace which the clients want to tackle themselves as a fun summer project next year. 

Kitchen looking north-west (towards the lake)

Kitchen, looking south-east towards living space

Bedroom - all finished and ready for furniture

One of my favorite areas, and honestly a bit of a surprise, was the sleeping loft. The bend in the house gives the space a really unique and dynamic feeling while the big glassed-in gable ends provide tons of fantastic daylight. I think this is going to everyone's favorite hiding place and will provide a great semi-private space during big family events. 

Sleeping loft, top of the stairs 
In the north end of the loft, we built a half-height divider to carve out a 'sleeping nook' which will be semi-sheltered from the rest of the space. The divider shifts from pine paneling into walnut cabinetry and back again as it wraps around the space. And the morning light that comes in from the gable windows is incredible - I'm sure this'll be a great spot to wake up in.

Below you can see one of my favorite spots - the bend and the big north-facing windows with the 'sleeping nook' to the left. Very cool. 

So, overall a big success. The thermal performance and air-sealing strategy is working even better than we imagined, and we all had a blast spending the summer living and working in the beautiful north woods of wisconsin. Everyone at BLDGtyp is incredibly grateful to the owners for being such wonderful people to work with and for everyone else who helped us wrestle this project into shape. We're hopeful that his home will become a much-loved retreat for the family, their children and grandchildren for many many years to come.