Saturday, July 28, 2012

Things are Rolling Along

North Side with the new roof
It was a busy week up here as we've been getting ready for our rough-framing inspection as well as the rough plumbing / electrical inspection early next week. On the exterior - we've finally topped out for real! the last of the sleepers / roof-framing went in early this week and our roofers made quick work of getting us dried in (though thanks to our backup Solitex roof we've been 'dry' for a while now). 

John installing the last of the roof board sheathing
The finish roof boards are visible from below and so lots of care had to be take with the framing and finishing: lots of sanding, staining and careful handling. You can see the finished detail in the image below with the exposed rafter tails and the board sheathing giving a real 'cabin' feeling to the house. That is the same stain we'll be using for the siding as well. The new roof has changed the profile and proportions of the house quite a lot and we're all real happy with it. 

Inside, the gang have been working hard to get electrics, plumbing and ventilation ready for inspections. One exciting new piece is the kitchen island which Jason started framing yesterday. Below you can see the main kitchen living space under the loft. The 'Core' of framing you see in the center houses kitchen appliances as well as the bathroom inside. By moving all the utility and services to this little core we moved all the plumbing and most of the electrics off the exterior walls. This simplifies our air-sealing and increases the efficiency of our insulation. It also just makes things a bit easier to have it all centralized rather than spread throughout the house. 

Below, you can see the kitchen framing on the left, and the end-result (eventually) on the right

And outside I've been picking away at the decks. The entry deck is finished up and thursday I began framing the big south-deck. There is going to be plenty of space here for outdoor eating as well as storage space for wood (for the wood-stove) and more than enough room for folks to stretch out a bit. The decks also do a lot to embed the house down into the ground as well so it feels less like its towering over the landscape (although - the 20" of soil we'll bring in all the way around will help with that as well!)

South side with all the windows in and the deck framing. No door just yet though cus' of some ordering mix-ups.

View of the lake from the south deck.

South Deck framing.
So - things are coming along. A little less dramatically then during the framing stage (thats always the way though) but by the end of next week we should be moving into the finish woodwork stage and then we'll really begin to see the house come to life.